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Welcome all to the official bahrain Vpn unblock site!

Whether you want to speed up your internet using our fast vpn servers, or as most of you want to get unlimited and unrestricted access to all websites and services like, facebook, skype, tumblr and many more social media or important world websites! we are the platform which will grant you this access! as all people in bahrain should be able to visit all websites like all the others!

U can use the Bahrain Vpn software from the mother company Iwasel at no charge for a trail periode day after day! But to experience the full advantage of our unblock skype, unblock facebook, unblock many more services u should go for the unlimited vpn, unlimited bandwith vpn option. Our princing starts from 9.95$ and can go as low as 7.5$ per month! this is trully peanuts.

Our service! No we are not massive big company!  But we do have a great online support! which will help you out in both English & the Arabic language! Further we do have a remote help is trully needed. this way we can make the application work really on all system or platform! Our staff is there to serv you all!

Bahrain Virtual private network news!

  • Waselpro Launches their Android Vpn app
    Juni 02, 2013

    Bahrain Vpn presents their Vpn app for android, you can browse the internet at super speed with the 1 tap install Android vpn app!

  • Iwasel MAC Edition Launched
    July 06, 2012

    Bahrain Vpn presents the first true MAC Vpn application! fast, stable were the first comments we recieved on this great piece of VPN Art!

  • Iwasel Pro Edition Launched
    July 28, 2012

    Worlds first Vpn application which burst zero memory due the smart and intelligent programming! Working smoothly even on a older computer/laptop!

Why should u choose us!

Unlimited acces to our vpn servers!

Unblock skype, facebook and many more services!

Unblock country restricted websites, from the US, UK, NL, DE, FR and many more!

Speed up your internet due our worldwide placed servers!

No speed capping and stay 100% anonymous, nobody will know your identity, nor your ip or location!

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